Thanks for chocolate chip cookies. I am glad John came and you were able to help him. We have been for friends over 25 years and a client of mine.You can make a donation to Samaritan Purse.Keep up with the good work you folks are doing. I am pleased with my aides and tell others to give you the opportunity to help them.God Bless!!! 👍👍Carol Williams
16:10 15 Oct 21
Awesome experience..John & Staff extremely kind. And Helpful.Thanks .Can now hear Grand children.
Jim O Connell
14:09 02 Oct 21
I did a tremendous amount of research on hearing aids over the past several years. I was really apprehensive on which brand and or company to buy from. So, this kept me from making a quick purchase. I was constantly discovering new things about the different hearing aids, brands and capabilities. While on vacation this past summer I made a commitment to myself to dig even deeper in my research. After spending the week on vacation with my family and not being able to understand my granddaughter, when she spoke to me... I was committed at this point to find a hearing aid that would fix my problem. Plus, I wanted to get the best hearing aid that money had to offer without over buying and breaking the bank !!!So, after visiting many.... Audiologist and talking to a lot of On-Line companies... I made a decision on who I wanted to do business with. This was a big decision that would be costly. And, I wanted it to be done right the first time.After three visits and two trials of different hearing aids... I finally found the right hearing aid for a price I was comfortable with. FYI... I shopped very hard or three years and even considered using the On-Line companies. But, they couldn't answer any of my detailed questions about certain frequencies and such. And, how they were going to test my ears and make adjustments to fine tune the hearing aid. They always said, give them a try and lets go from there... Nope, not me... This was too big of a purchase and I want a more personal touch.After my visit Sound Advice Hearing I noticed a different, more caring atmosphere !!! I felt like I was finally getting somewhere. The test was very detailed (just like I like it... Good Data...)After trialing two different type of aids I made a decision. I have now had them apporx. one week. I hear better at work in meetings and most of all, I can hear my granddaughter much better. I got what I needed and for a price I was comfortable with.If you have any reservation about buy hearing aids like I did, then go visit Sound Advice Hearing Center. I am absolutely positive you will have the same experience I did. They are great people and they DO Care about your hearing.I now hear the finer things in life. Like birds and tones in music that I haven't heard in yearsI'm a very Happy Customer !!!
Bobby Polk
17:05 18 Sep 21
My husband and I both suffer from hearing loss and decided it was time to do something about it. Carolina Ear Nose and Throat actually recommended we get in touch with Sound Advice.We met John the owner and he was extremely knowledgeable and we instantly felt at ease. He explains things in a way that you can totally understand.Since receiving our hearing aids we have been back several times for free adjustments and John always takes his time and answers all of our concerns. He just doesn’t hand you the hearing aids and leaves you to figure it all out.His prices with the no cost follow up visits are lower than you could find anywhere else. We highly recommend Sound Advice if you are considering finally doing something about your hearing loss.
Michele In Bayville
21:14 03 Aug 21
John and the team at Sound Advice excel in customer service and satisfaction. No need to go anywhere else!John, the owner, spent hours addressing the areas of concern for my mother, the various optionality available with hearing aids and guiding how to properly use them. He was patient, informative and showed a willingness to work within our budget. He also made follow up calls with me and appointments with her to ensure they were working properly and we were all happy. I recommend Sound Advice highly.
NB Williams
16:24 09 Jun 21