Dr Seldine and his team made my hearing aid experience a truly positive one. My first set of hearing aids are working out great. My only regret is having waited so long to get them
bette sterling
21:26 13 Sep 21
Words cannot describe how happy I have been to have found Dr Matthew Seldine . He is an excellent Audiologist. He is using the latest technology to diagnose and treat any hearing issues . He is very patient . He takes the time to explain everythingI have learned how your hearing can affect your brain health . I am wearing my first hearing aid and life is wonderful. I have referred other family members and they are equally happy .
michele wolff-Poitevien
21:40 29 Jul 21
I’ve had the opportunity to be served by Dr. Seldine at Hearing Partners South Florida Delray Beach. I couldn’t be more pleased with their knowledge and service. One important service is they use real ear measurements. This is a must if you want your aids to work to their best.We have been working with a new hearing aid system called Whisper. If you are just accepting the sounds you are now getting from your hearing aids because you think that’s the way they all work you need to try Whisper. I’ve had a number of different aids but now I can truly say I love my Whisper aids. The sound is louder but the sounds are natural.
Len Broverman
21:05 29 Apr 21
Dr. Nimet Adam has been treating my mom for hearing loss over the past 10 years. Without hearing aids my mom can barely hear at all. With the caring and compassionate help of Dr. Adam, and the hearing aids that she has prescribed, my mom's hearing has steadily improved over the years. My mom is now 96 years old, and with the most recent hearing aids that Dr. Adam provided, she is no longer distracted by background noises and she can hear conversations easily. I highly recommend Dr. Adam as an Audiologist.
Sharon Letsch
18:34 30 Mar 21
Everyone that works there and also the Doctors are really great. When you have an appointment they take you always on time. No rushing. Enjoy the visits
Sandy M
17:03 28 Mar 21