Up to a few years ago my husband was resistant to wear hearing aides but realized he needed help hearing & engaging in social settings especially when getting together with others, at the theatre, or while traveling. Dr. Melissa Yunes evaluated his hearing & made recommendations. She was patient, thorough, & very knowledgeable. We saw her again recently where she explained the benefits of the newer technology. He is very excited & these are easy to use.
Carol Friedman
21:19 19 Mar 21
For quite a while, I had been debating w myself over whether to have my hearing checked (because, ya know, old) and finally pulled the trigger in early 2020.I figured that as I approached 60 (#okboomer) and after countless concerts and countless hours playing music live (yes, still), it was a good idea to get some kind of baseline. By an actual professional. (i.e., not just rely on the fact that I can't hear the rest of my mumbling family {grin})Good news: my family actually WERE MUMBLING! Joking aside tho, I got a great report and relative to my age, apparently I'm in pretty solid shape. So not only can I lord it over my family that I am NOT going deaf, but I have a sense of where I stand in the bigger picture, what to be on the lookout for, and what/when to do next.All of this was due to the fantastic experience I had at Hearing Assoc of NoVa with Dr. Kelsey Trinka. Kelsey explained everything fully, made me feel very confident in her presentation of what she would do during the tests and the same with her explanation of my results, and had a great bed-side, ummm, soundproof booth-side manner.If you have been thinking about getting a check-up, do yourself a favor and do it. So worth the time and investment. (Bonus: it was completely covered by my plan.)
Mark Polla
00:50 16 Feb 20
The entire experience was seamless, personable, professional and comfortable. Dr. G was thorough in her testing and explanation of what she could see. While no one to hear it, it's positive to have confirmation of whether there's an issue or not. Not to mention I now have a doctor's affirmation to say that I actually didn't hear what someone said instead of having the people thinking I'm ignoring them, esp the misses. If you are having any concern with your hearing, I would highly recommend you seek out HANV and especially Dr. Gina Crovato for a personal and professional consultation (that's not to say the other doctors aren't as good, she's just the one I saw. I'm sure they are all exceptional!!). 5 stars, 2 thumbs up and 2 ears open (partially hearing 😉 )!
Gary Shivers
20:09 09 Jan 20
Great experience! Dr. Crovato made custom ear plugs for each of my three children to help protect their hearing at loud concerts/events. They were able to chose personalized colors and since they are so well designed, the kids can put them in and take them out by themselves. Dr. Crovato was amazing interacting with the kids and they absolutely love their new ear plugs for all the summer concerts we attend! They even ask to wear them when they don't have to. Highly recommend Hearing Associates of Northern Virginia!!
Jami Fano
17:48 30 Oct 19
My oldest was terrified of going to the doctor for her ears but Dr. Gina put her at such ease! She did great! We also had custom ear plugs made for both of our kids and they work wonderful! Highly recommend this practice!
Sarah Sheehan
17:36 30 Oct 19